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Why Insta Brite Pack ?

Insta Brite Pack is a balanced combination of several botanical oil ingredients that lighten the complexion. Insta Brite Pack cream brightens skin, removes black spots, acne and brightens knuckles. It also softens and brightens the skin. Insta Brite Pack removes dead skin cells and melanin deposits, brightens skin and is suitable for all skin types, both men and women.


Skin Whitening Products

Reduces melasma and eliminates unsightly brown discoloration and Lentigo- small, sharply circumscribed pigmented spot Reduces Chloasma~patch brown or dark brown skin iscoloration that usually occurs on face due to hormonal changes e.g. pregnancy or the contraceptive pill Whitens, Tightens and delays Ageing to a great extent, Visible Whitening of the skin is visible in just 21 days and differences visible in just a week Treats post-nflammatory hyperpigmentation & surgical marks including stretch marks Reduces sun damage to the epidermal layer and pore size and Improves signs of photodamaged skin

Insta Brite Pack


  • Lightens up your skin.
  • Safe on the sensitivity of the skin.
  • Fast results with long-lasting effects.
  • A gentle way to reduce aging signs.
  • Moisturizes your skin and makes it soft.
  • Maximizes your skin toning and faimess.
  • Itis a great routine addition to your skin's health.

Insta Brite Pack

Rs 3900 Rs 4000

How To Use

Dr. Abhinit Gupta

Gently wash your face with a good face wash or soap. Dry it completely with a clean towel. Apply INSTAAA BRITE PACK lightly on your skin and rub it softly in circles. Use the cream daily or follow prescription. Do not use under eyes. In case the cream comes in contact with your eyes, softly rinse eye with clean water. See a quick result after regular use in few weeks.




A skin whitening helps to enhance your beauty in the following ways

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